Staff outsourcing

Staff outsourcing

Staff outsourcing

We provide long-term lease of staff for specific professional positions. We provide outsourcing of staff at all levels of the company structure. We are able to promptly respond to any request of the customer or the labor market.

Long-term service of our employees – field force teams:

  • building a complete work team or groups
  • hiring workers for projects, including middle management

Interim management:

  • modern trend in solving immediate staffing needs
  • the possibility of IMMEDIATE start
  • addressing only tasks assigned to a specific period of time, no long-term bond with the company

Staff outplacement:

In the case of reorganization, we help the HR department to take care of the leavers.

Comprehensive HR and payroll:

  • payroll management
  • sending of wages to employees‘ accounts

Outsourcing of HR processes:

  • setting-up processes
  • comprehensive and systematic recruitment
  • preparation of legal documents for business
  • mandatory training
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